Julian Berman Mandolin and Guitar

Julian Berman is a guitarist and mandolinist from the Hudson Valley of New York. He performs with a variety of bands, including Mars America and Wind and Stone. Julian has played and performed with many greats, such as Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Chris Eldridge, Larry Baione, Denis Chang, Jefferson Hamer, Tony Watt, and many others. He teaches privately and at various music camps throughout the region.

In addition, Julian Berman is a piano technician and luthier located in Saugerties, NY. He learned piano tuning and regulation through a local piano shop where he currently works as a piano tech and piano salesmen. He also apprenticed with a local luthier and learned how to do many different repairs on a variety of string instruments. Julian’s passion for music and musical instruments inspires him to always provide quality service to his clients.

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