Rick Birmingham Violin, Engineering, Production, and Recording

In addition to being a world class touring soundman Rick also plays Violin, Viola, Guitar, Synthesizers, percussion, and a host of world music instruments including Oud and Sitar.  He has extensive knowledge of music technology and has been producing recordings since the early 90s.  He has a deep understanding of Ableton Live, Pro-Tools, Logic, Reaper, Cubase, Max/MSP, Electronic Engineering, Sound Design, Hardware Implementation, Acoustic Design, owns over 60 microphones, and hand-builds microphones preamps for his studio.
Rick began his career as an audio engineer over 20 years ago and has worked with many of the legends we all know and love along the way, ranging from James Brown to Soulfly to The Buena Vista Social Club to De La Soul to OKGo and so on.  He has been involved with well over 3,000 live performances and has “done sound” for at least 5,000 acts. He’s been heavily involved in numerous releases including commercial work and musical acts.

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